The 20 YEARS OF POSSIBLE campaign celebrates the 20th anniversary of Wounded Warrior Project®.


For the past two decades, Wounded Warrior Project has empowered a diverse group of post-9/11 veterans, caregivers, and military families with visible and invisible wounds. Our innovative and supportive programs and services are provided free of charge to veterans, caregivers, and their families. 


Wounded Warrior Project connects a community of warriors, family members, and veteran advocates, as well as WWP teammates, donors, and partners who work together to ensure that no warrior is left alone or left behind.


The objective of the 20 YEARS OF POSSIBLE campaign is to express gratitude to those who have supported Wounded Warrior Project, inspire wounded warriors on their individual journeys, and to raise awareness of the importance in our mission. We stand ready to serve for the decades to come.

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9/11 Never Forget

It’s been more than two decades since the 9/11 terror attacks on our nation. Countless men and women answered the call to serve because of the tragic events on that day. Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) was founded shortly after to serve those who were coming home from war with physical and mental injuries.

At WWP, we say that the greatest casualty is being forgotten. This means we do everything in our power to ensure this generation of wounded warriors is never forgotten, that their service is honored, and that they’re empowered along their journeys of recovery. We do this by providing life-changing and life-saving programs and services focused in the areas of mental and physical health, financial wellness, and long-term rehabilitative care – free of charge to those we serve.

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20 Years of Possible
"20 Years of Possible" "Just The Beginning"
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"It’s Possible" "Anything Is Possible"
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"Just Getting Started"  
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9/11 - Never Forget

"9/11 Never Forget 20th Anniversary Version"

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20 Years of Possible
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