At the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), we are committed to providing the best health services and care possible to each Veteran who has bravely served this country. Our new PSA, “Innovation,” demonstrates how advanced medical technologies are transforming the way health care providers deliver and Veterans receive care. It depicts the hard work and commitment of the health care professionals who serve more than 9 million Veterans at over 1,200 locations nationwide. The PSA is available in 60- and 30-second spots in English and in Spanish.

We ask you to support our appeal to health care providers to join our mission serving Veterans by including “Innovation” in your programming with a full run schedule. In airing this PSA, you’ll play an important role in helping us reach health professionals to show them the amazing opportunity they have to give back. Together we can make a difference in the lives of our Veterans by encouraging these clinicians to join our cause — and transform their own careers and lives. Because working at VA is more than a job — it’s a mission.

On behalf of everyone at Department of Veterans Affairs, we thank you for your support.

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