We’re Building Game Changers.

At First Tee, we believe all kids deserve to feel excited to grow, safe to fail and better equipped for whatever comes at them next. We do this by helping them develop their golf swing, but more importantly, their inner strength. First Tee coaches help young people ages 7 - 18 navigate the course as well as guide them through new challenges in life. Because we know what’s inside doesn’t just count; it changes the game.

First Tee is a 25-year-old nonprofit that offers programs at golf courses, in schools and with other after-school partners in all 50 states and select international locations. In addition, we offer national event opportunities, college scholarships, an alumni program and promote a safe sport environment. By airing this PSA, you will help further First Tee’s mission to help kids and teens build strength of character and learn meaningful life skills through golf.

We hope you can support this very important campaign that helps to empower kids and teens.

Please email tom.derreaux@plowsharegroup.com (EVP, Account Management) if you have any questions.

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We’re Building Game Changers
"We’re Building Game Changers"
Broadcast :30 mov, HD, (ZPLWFT10030H)
Broadcast :30 mov, (ZPLWFT10030)