We Are One

One in every 500 African Americans in the US suffers from Sickle Cell Disease.

One in 3 African American blood donors is a match for patients with Sickle Cell.

A single sickle cell patient can require multiple blood transfusions per year throughout their lifetime in order to treat complications from sickle cell disease. And they are more likely to find a compatible blood match from a donor of the same race or ethnic group. Help us find the one.

Please air our PSA now through the end of 2023.


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Peyton Manning + Red Cross

Every two seconds someone needs blood.

The need for blood is constant, and donors are the only source of blood for those in need.

The Red Cross is fortunate to witness the best of humanity as people roll up a sleeve to help those in need. Help us appeal to the public to donate blood and safe a life. 

Please air this PSA through out 2023.

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We Are One
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Blood Donation 2023
"Peyton Manning"
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