“We’re With” Campaign

The “We’re With” creative depicts real-life scenarios of people serving in the U.S. military and their families so more Americans can empathize with the relatable challenges that impact those who serve. 

The “We’re With” campaign tells 4 of these stories:

We're with Bridget, an expecting mother grappling with the reality that her husband will not be home for the birth of their child. Flash forward to Bridget surrounded by community at her baby shower hosted by her local USO Center.

We’re with Mike, a service member who is leaving his young daughter to serve his country. Thanks to the USO’s unique access and capabilities, Mike is able to video chat with his daughter across the globe while he is located in a remote, austere location.

We’re with Liam, who is feeling down about having to make new friends…again, after starting at his fourth new school due to a military move. Thanks to the USO, Liam finds a community of kids like him – making his move a little bit easier.

We’re with Tara, who misses her family during the holiday season, while she is stationed far away from them. With the help of the USO, Tara and her fellow service members have gathered to have their own celebration at their local USO that brings a bit of “home” to them for the holidays.

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About USO: For The People Who Serve™

The USO is the leading human-centered nonprofit dedicated to the well-being of all people — including families — serving in the U.S. military.  A private, nonprofit organization created in 1941, the USO has more than 250 locations around the world that provide a warm welcome and a much-needed space for community-building for service members and their families. The USO also provides impactful support programs designed to help people face the unique challenges of military life. From providing care packages in the field to supporting their future transition out of the military -- and much more -- the USO and its network of tens of thousands of volunteers is there for the people who serve and their families every step of the way.

Even the strongest among us need someone there for them -- someone who understands and supports them. That's why the USO is with each and every person in the U.S. military, and with all of their family members.

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We're With
"We're With Them All""We're With Bridget, Mike & Anna"
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"We're With Liam & Tara" 
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