Atlantis Blue Project Foundation

Oceans have the power to separate worlds and the power to bring them together. Paradise Island in the Bahamas, and its surrounding oceans, is where millions of marine species and people come together to create a magical and irreplaceable world.

Due to increasing environmental risks, like pollution, overfishing, and climate change, this world that our oceans, marine life and we share is in danger.

But we have the power to protect them.

Our mission at the Atlantis Blue Project Foundation is to protect thousands of endangered marine populations and their habitat.

We hope you can help us spread this important message of ocean and marine life preservation by using our PSAs.

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Atlantis Blue Project Foundation
"Parrot Service Announcement" "Parrot Service Announcement"
Broadcast :60 mov, HD (ATL3660060AH) Broadcast :30 mov, HD (ATL3660030AH)
Broadcast :60 mov (ATL3660060A) Broadcast :30 mov (ATL3660030A)
"Parrot Service Announcement"  
Broadcast :15 mov, HD (ATL3660015AH)  
Broadcast :15 mov (ATL3660015A)